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Committed to a brighter, greener future, Genus has invested heavily in R&D to develop affordable solar power technology. Genus offers low and higher KVA Solar Inverters and UPS besides solar panels and related products. Various highly efficient, low cost solar power solutions are offered for specialized applications like Solar ATM Packs for remote areas. Solar power plants are dynamic in nature; therefore
they can be combined with the existing power sources to form hybrid energy system to enhance and meat energy requirements.

Our company offers technological advanced solar power plants that are available now which comes with pre-installed convertor device that converts DC to AC. By using these solar panels, residential and commercial business owners can reduce their electricity bills to significant level. These solar panels do not require much maintenance, they are very durable products. They may require a little bit of cleaning once a while and average life span of solar panels is 20 to 30 years, which justify its up-front cost. We provide larger solar panels which help in meeting with demands of larger amount of energy when needed.

It is very friendly to environment and pollution free. If solar power plants are installed where previously conventional energy sources were deployed, it will significantly improve the atmosphere by reducing green house and other harmful gasses from the environment.